The two Social Security publications that deal with the impact of a non-covered government pension are two-pages each and very easy to read.  Access them using the following links.

Windfall Elimination Provision (

Government Pension Offset (

My book on the subject of Social Security and government pensions provides an expanded explanation, history, examples and Q&A.  It is available at

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For general information on Social Security, including WEP and GPO, the best source is Social Security: Simple & Smart, by Tom Margenau.  Tom is a retired Social Security communications executive.

This website does not discuss the issues involving when a retiree should claim Social Security.  There is a lot of information published on this subject and it all applies to state and local government workers.  A great product is a subscription to Maximize My Social Security, see Another service with reasonable fees that a relative of mine used with excellent results can be accessed at

For active and retired Illinois police and fire professionals outside of Chicago, the IPPFA Retirement Guide  covers the topic of Social Security in depth and also includes chapters on the “Downstate” fire and police pension systems as well as public employee deferred compensation.  It is available at

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